The position and the conformation of the territory make Maratea and its surroundings versatile places also for lovers of en plein air activities.

Just a  few kilometers to reach the peaks of the Pollino National Park or the Lucanian Appennino National Park, both ideal locations for trekking or mountain biking enthusiasts, rafting or canyoning, horse riding or bird watching.
In the territory of Maratea the presence of gorges, inlets, beaches and caves allow the visitor to devote himself to exciting boat trips or sailing ships, but also to adventurous dives between uncontaminated depths. For the most daring and the most adventurous it is possible to admire the 32 km long coastline even  from an unusual point of view, from above, thanks to the use of paraglider.

Not to be missed, especially for expert hikers, are the routes to discover the slopes of the Crivo and Coccovello mountains, both sites of community interest, while simpler, therefore also suitable for families, is the itinerary that leads from the historic center of Maratea under the statue of the Redeemer on Monte San Biagio. The same stretch, along alternative routes and more tiring, lends itself to those who are looking for exciting challenges in mountain biking.
Addictive, though more complex, is the itinerary that leads to the “Grotta dell’Eremita” through a steep and winding path. Not to be missed is the show offered by the “Grotta delle Meraviglie”, one of the smallest caves in the entire national territory, characterized by stalagmites and stalactites created by the laborious activity of water over time.