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Experiential tourism


We offer experiences and not just rooms.

Tourism is no longer “what you offer me” but “how you make me feel”: now the person is at the center.

The added value of Experiential Tourism is the strong emotional element that has an impact on the memory.

A memorable tourist experience is touching, makes you happy and arouses strong emotion.

What matters is to live an intimate experience and be the protagonist of your holiday.

Kayaking, a small philosophy of silent sailing in a Blue Flag sea for 24 uninterrupted years.

It is possible to understand the concept of pure joy only after seeing the dolphin dance up close.

You don’t need to be skilled jockeys to be able to savor a cocktail of emotions given by the sea breeze combined with the scent of the horse in a slow walk.

Walking means entering nature, which is why you walk slowly. Nature is not a gymnastics field. You walk to see, to feel with all your senses, so your spirit enters the trees, the lawn and the flowers.

Maratea, “The City of 44 churches”. It is sublime to take one’s soul for a walk in history and in faith that surprises through paintings, statues, architectural elements and expressions of faith of the population.

Inside the Grotto delle Meraviglie, time is dilated and everything around us lacks boundaries, completely changing our perception; even the perception of time outside the cave changes, it almost seems not to exist.

It is not a question of eating a good ice cream but of savoring the fruit of the identity culture of a man from Maratea, Emilio Panzardi, who for years has been creating flavors awarded with the 3 Cones of Gambero Rosso and the smiles of a thousand travelers.

The important thing is not how much and what you will fish as much as listening to the stories of an old local fisherman still in love with his job. They call it fishing-tourism but for us it is “sea stories”.

The rustle of our wheels leads to the silence of enchantments. For some it is cycle tourism for us, two-wheeled emotions.

Only when so small at the foot of the greatness of Christ the Redeemer is it possible to understand how great man can be in his works.

Treccani says that a beach is the “Strip of flat land in direct contact, in its external limit, with the waters of the sea” for us, who have ten beaches, it is a strictly personal way of experiencing the sea.

Serenity can also come from a simple walk in a medieval historic center, with ancient houses decorated with loggias and doorways, crowded together and divided only by narrow alleys and tiny open spaces.

The beauty of a dinner at a restaurant is sometimes also given by the intimacy that it can give you. We have ten different restaurants selected for as many different emotions with co-starring royal food.

As if by magic, that fabric on the ground that seems to be a crumpled sheet, once inflated with air, turns into a giant wing that takes off ready to give emotions.

The feeling of a slightly retro air is breathed when entering the small Panza pastry shop, where you enter a few at a time in a respectful row as if you were entering the church, straight to the counter display where the famous “bocconotti” are baked twice a day.