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Maratea and Surroundings

Perhaps in Italy there is no more superb landscape and landscape. imagine dozens of kilometers of jagged cliffs of caves, stacks, cliffs and soft beaches in front of the most spectacular of the seas, now wide open and open, now closed in shafts as small as docks. (Indro Montanelli, Corriere della Sera, October 4, 1957).

A “pearl” set in the Gulf of Policastro and overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Maratea is a place with versatile landscapes, inebriating aromas of sea and flowers, which cover it in every corner, of rocks caressed by the sun’s rays to the point of creating brilliant play of light.

The blue of the sea and the green of the typical mediterranean vegetation meets the rocky cliff and together surround beautiful beaches. The costa di Maratea, winds for 32 km, between high and steep cliffs that now dive into the Tyrrhenian Sea, now portray welcoming coves and beaches.


The position and the conformation of the territory make Maratea and its surroundings versatile places also for lovers of en plein air activities.

The Ancient Villageg

To dominate the enchanting landscape, stands on a spur the ancient village of Maratea, enriched by portals and alleys, arches and eighteenth-century palaces, caves, coastal towers and, among others…


Typical food has its own originality made of simple flavors combined with ingredients from the countryside and the sea but enhanced by new and delicious recipes.

The Statue of the Redeemer

Imposing and reassured, with large outstretched arms, it stands on the highest point of Monte San Biagio, overlooking the historical center of Maratea and the entire Gulf of Policastro.

The sunsets of Maratea

The tourist Port

The Historic Center