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The Costa di Maratea spreads for about 32 km, from the Midnight Canal to the mouth of the river Noce and is characterized by a great variety of landscapes and biological: from the spectacular cliffs of Acquafredda to the stillness of the Secca di Castrocucco passing through bays, ravines and submerged and semi-submerged caves of rare beauty that are home to numerous animal and plant species.

Ribbon Beach

Located in an inlet between the town of Cersuta and the Tower Appreciate the Donkey, the Rena del Nastro is a beautiful sandy beach. Accessibility from the ground is guaranteed by a path of about 200 meters, half of which flows a trickle of fresh water.

D‘Agnola Beach

It is the largest sandy beach on the coast of Maratea. It consists of a long stretch of sand downstream of the plain of Castrocucco that is wedged under the slopes of the Serra, creating a small bay that serves as a mooring. Delimited to the South by the river Noce, which divides the Basilicata from Calabria.

Fiumicello Beach

The beach of Fiumicello, located under the village of the homonymous village, is one of the largest and most beautiful on the coast of Maratea. It extends from the tip of Ogliastro, on which the Fiumicello caves open, home to Palaeolithic settlements, and arrives near the Santavenere tower. The extremely easy access and the presence of numerous services make it one of the most popular beaches on the coast of Maratea.


The beach of Ilicini is a ravine of rocks and pebbles, from which you can see the tip of the Matrella and Santo Janni. Behind it, a dwarf oak forest, rendered by the action of salt, gives its name to the town and the beach. Access is made easy by a well-traced path.

La Secca

The Secca di Castrocucco beach is located in one of the most picturesque corners of the coast of Maratea. It is protected from marine currents from the cliff. Near the beach is the Baronial Palace of the noble Labanchi, with an adjoining chapel dedicated to San Gerardo. On the summit behind the beach rise the ruins of the Castle of Castrocucco, an ancient medieval fortress.


The beach of Macarro is among the most beautiful and popular on the coast of Maratea, open in front of the Secca della Jumenta, which can be reached by following a path that crosses the Mediterranean scrub.

Anginarra Beach

With its two hundred meters of sandy coastline is one of the largest beaches on the coast of Maratea. It is bordered to the north by a spectacular cliff that houses the homonymous cave and to the south by a flat cliff that separates it from the Luppa beach. 

Luppa Beach

La Luppa is a wide sandy beach that extends from the cliff that separates it from the Anginarra beach to the rocky platform of Punta San Pietro, near Villa Nitti, historic residence of statesman Francesco Saverio Nitti. The easy access and the beauty of the seabed make it one of the most popular and popular beaches of Maratea.

Sette Ponti
or Di Riciulillo Beach

The beach of Riciulillu is a very small hint of sand surrounded by rocks and rocky ravines, accessible by land through a staircase installed on the rock. It is located near Punta del Dentice, in the fraction of Marina
The beach of Riciulillu is a very small hint of sand surrounded by rocks and rocky ravines, accessible by land through a staircase installed on the rock. It is located near Punta del Dentice, in the fraction of Marina.

Santa Teresa

The beach of Santa Teresa, is the widest and most popular beach in the Marina district. Embellished by small terrestrial grottos on the northern side and by the characteristic rock of the Falchetto, placed at the center of the beach, on top of which the peregrine falcons usually nest. Access to the beach is via a ladder that connects it to the parking lot behind.

Stair Cave Beach

The Stair Cave Scala beach is a small inlet of sand and pebbles set in the cliff near Villa Nitti. Its formation is due to the construction of the railway line in the last years of the nineteenth century and is accessed through a suggestive staircase. It takes its name from the cave that opens in the neighborhood.

The Vranne

The beach of I Vranne is a long sandy stretch accessible only by sea. Its depths are home to a vast prairie of Posidonia oceanica and has been voted as the most beautiful beach in Italy according to a race promoted by Legambiente in 2016.

Cala Jannita or Black Beach

Cala Jannita beach is also known as the Black beach due to the characteristic color of its sand. Located in the village of Marina di Maratea in front of the island of Santo Janni, it is accessed via a beautiful path that crosses the dense Mediterranean maccchia. From this beach you can swim to the Sciabella cave, which houses a small beach.


Calaficarra is a graceful open beach between beautiful white calcareous-dolomitic rock formations. On the northern side of the beach opens a small cave, where you can immerse yourself and appreciate the reflections of light on its vault.