Typical food has its own originality made of simple flavors combined with ingredients from the countryside and the sea but enhanced by new and delicious recipes.

The hand-made pasta as  fusilli, lagane, maccaroni usually is  add flavors with an excellent meat sauce “Ragù”, but also  with vegetables and legumes. It’s possible to taste salsiccia and sorpressata a typical cured meat, cheeses such  mozzarella di Massa and caciocavalli, usually presented as tasty appetizers.
A real pleasure for the palate is represented by fish soups, vermicelli with anchovy sauce, or anchovies “a scapici” and daring chefs sometimes try to reproduce the “garum”, a sauce obtained from fish entrails widely used by the Romans . A must in the gastronomy of Maratea is the chili,an essential element that accompanies and enhances almost all dishes.
Among the desserts<. the bocconotti and biscuits made of chocolate-covered almond paste, fried donuts and donuts are delicious

A very typical Liquor is “Crithmum” prepared with finocchietto marino a natural vegetation of the mediterranean scrubs (“Macchia mediterranea”) it’s possible to find on the rock by the sea.