The ancient village and the historical center

To dominate the enchanting landscape, stands on a spur the ancient village of Maratea, enriched by portals and alleys, arches and eighteenth-century palaces, caves, coastal towers and, among others, a cozy and intimate square. The historical center offers a rich concentration of architecture of historical value, including places of worship, for this reason Maratea is also called “the city of 44 churches”.

The “Historical Center” is dominated by Monte San Biagio, on which stands the statue of the Redeemer, also known as “Cristo di Maratea”, second only to that of Rio de Janeiro. Under the monumental statue are clinging to the side of the mountain the ruins of the ancient village called “castle”, while on the opposite side of the Christ you can visit the Basilica of San Biagio To increase the beauty of the city is its port that guarantees services and hospitality to boats and summer evenings becomes one of the attractions of the place for the many social events that hosts.